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With over 25 years experience in education, Alex have worked as a primary teacher, headteacher and leading adviser for school improvement.
A senior consultant and published author with Chris Quigley Education, Alex is also proud to be the new Trust Primary Adviser (2018) for the Unity Schools Partnership. I work extensively with schools in the UK and across the world, including Dubai, Sao Paulo, Madrid and Abu Dhabi.


He is honoured to be member of the 21st Century Learning Alliance with Sir Tim Brighouse.


Alex is the dad of two fantastic boys, husband to Becky, loves the sea, kite surfing, chopping wood and has a healthy respect for plants.



Alex's particularly good and clear understanding of schools, learning and the curriculum, together with his very professional approach, enable him to give some of the very best support to schools"
                                                                                                           Dr Brian Male, The Curriculum Foundation

"This book will help you teach early British history by providing a coherent, chronological, knowledge-rich, and well-organised sequence of learning"

Alex's new and much loved book will be available for purchase at the end of September 2018 - you will be able to buy it on Amazon. 
ISBN number: 




Each period of time includes:

a summary over time, outlining the long arc of chronology
mapped in chronological order to save you time and enable you to decide specific dates and events to teach
dates, events, cultural development, people and places
a wide range of subject specific, tier 3 words to help pupils connected and understand the content
maps outlining significant sites and locations
suggestions to sequence learning so that pupils aquire essential knowledge and  activities to increase cognitive skill
tasks to assess UNDERSTANDING
examples and templates to use, including how to elaborate vocabulary and explanations; learn about the origins of words; connect and compare ideas as well as retrieve knowledge
Ask me for more information. Online sales begin at the end of September 2018


Use these KNOWLEDGE and SEQUENCE planners to organise and connect excellent learning so that pupils acquire, recall, retain and explain essential knowledge.


Plan well-organised, high quality learning experiences for the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages; Roman Empire and impact on Britain, Britain's settlement by Anglo Saxons, and the Anglo Saxon and Viking struggle for the Kingdom of England.


This book exemplfies the excellent work of Rosenshine, Dunlowsky and Tyler.


Alex works with Chris Quigley to help schools improve the quality of

  • Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Feedback
  • Learning Observations
  • Book Study
  • Depth and Mastery
  • Curriculum Design, including knowledge and sequence planning


Alex also works with schools focusing on Leadership, Curriculum and Learning Attittudes



Staff found all aspects of the day exceptional. There was a suitable balance between the theory and the practical ideas, the resources which were used to exemplify the teaching and learning were fabulous and Alex’s delivery was just inspiring.


We have undertaken follow up sessions ourselves and all staff have implemented many of the approaches discussed. The quality of work produced by the children reflects how well they are enjoying their topics.


- Nin Matharu, Head Teacher, Kings Hill Primary School, West Midlands, 2018


We all thoroughly enjoyed the day thinking about continuous provision and how we can incorporate it into our way of teaching and learning. Alex’s knowledge and passion for the curriculum was inspiring and all teachers are now using ideas in the classrooms. 

Tara Davies, Principal, Our Ladies Catholic Primary School, Oxford, 2018


Alex was an inspirational speaker who inspired my staff. He made it seem simple and easy to adapt any changes. Fantastic twilight perfect for inspiring staff on the new curriculum.

Emma Hardy, Headteacher, Ecclesall Infant School, Sheffield

"A great day indeed. Alex was brilliant, such enthusiasm." Marian Ham, Sedlescombe CEP School, East Sussex

Grand Curriculum Designs is a pioneering programme for curriculum leaders, enabling real and sustainable school improvement through practice-focused professional development.



'I now see the value of collecting baseline evidence and the different ways of evaluating impact…it's not just about vague feelings and gut instinct'.


'We're not just talking about a prescribed list of subjects on a timetable but something which shapes pupils' futures and impacts on their lives in substantial and meaningful ways'.

A pioneering new professional development programme for school leaders and other educators, Grand Curriculum Designs has been recently piloted with twenty schools. The programme will provide schools with the skills to design curricula that are flexible, innovative and responsive to the needs of their students and communities.

The 21st Century Learning Alliance brings together industry, government and teachers to bring robustness to learning in the 21st century.

We are a unique and powerful forum that uses our skills, experience and networks to debate difficult and sensitive issues in an open and honest way.  We publish the best and most innovative practice, especially in the uses of technology for learning.  We have created a network of teachers and senior managers who are able to support each other in developing innovative learning and we challenge industry to bring to the market innovations that support teaching and learning.

The 21st Century Learning Alliance has established its credibility as a robust link between educational organisations and commerce to stimulate improvement and change through expert, evidence-based advice at the highest level.

The 21st Century Learning Alliance is directed by a board of up to 25 representatives of schools & colleges, government agencies and industry.   The current board consists of the following:

Benedict Arora
Alex Bedford
Sir Tim Brighouse
Jonathan Dale: Assistant Director, On-line Learning, NCSL
Gavin Dykes
Deborah Eyre
John Fairhurst: President, ASCL
John Howells: Headteacher, Leasowes School, Dudley
Marilyn Leask: Professor of Education, Brunel University
Glen Mayoh: Head Teacher, Abbs Cross School & Arts College
Amanda Peck: Babcock 4S
Martin Ripley: Managing Director, World Class Arena
Annika Small:  Director, Nominet Trust
Nick Stacey: Director
Sir Mike Tomlinson
Mick Waters
Jim Wynn: Promethean

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