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With over 25 years experience in education, Alex has worked as a primary teacher, headteacher and leading adviser for school improvement.

Alex is proud to be the newPrimary Adviser (2018) for  Unity Schools Partnership as well as a senior consultant and published author with Chris Quigley Education.


He works extensively with schools in the UK and across the world, including Dubai, Sao Paulo, Madrid and Abu Dhabi.


He is honoured to be member of the 21st Century Learning Alliance with Sir Tim Brighouse.


Alex is the dad of two fantastic young men, husband to Becky, loves the sea and mountains, used to kite surfing (accidents happen!), chopping wood and has a healthy respect for plants.


Alex's particularly good and clear understanding of schools, learning and the curriculum, together with his very professional approach, enable him to give some of the very best support to schools"
                                                                                                           Dr Brian Male, The Curriculum Foundation



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